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SC02 is an upgraded version of SC01, which implements precise countermeasures against drones within 1000 meters. Multi-band electromagnetic emission, ready to use, cuts off the remote control, image transmission, and navigation links of the drone at a long distance, thereby forcing the drone to l...

HANVYADG is a hand-held, anti-drone gun that can disable drones operating on 5 frequencies and has a range of up to 2,000 meters.

he Passive RF Detection system analyzes and identifies the remote control signal and data return signal of drones, detectes target and early warning

Low-altitude surveillance radar is mainly used to detect ground, sea and low-altitude targets. It has excellent anti-interference ability, ground/sea clutter suppression ability, and can actively detect and track targets.

The long-distance detection and defense integrated equipment ZD02 is a product developed for large areas. The detection distance is up to 10km. The equipment is modularized in management and easy to operate. It can be quickly assembled and deployed according to the actual situation. It can work a...

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drone countermeasures technologies are mainly divided into three categories

    drone countermeasures technologies are mainly divided into three categories:

    With the rapid development of the unmanned industry, the application field of drones has been expanding in recent years, and the potential risks related to civil aviation flight safety, personal and property safety, and prison control safety have become increasingly unignorable. The safety management and control of drones has become the focus of heated discussions in the industry, so there is the drone countermeasure system equipment.


    UAV countermeasures technologies are mainly divided into three categories:

    1. Monitoring and control achieved by hijacking radio control, etc.;

    2. There is the direct destruction category using violent techniques.

    3. Interference blocking achieved through signal interference, acoustic interference and other technologies;

    The use of anti-drone systems has strong interference to illegally invaded UAVs, and it can also meet the needs of forced landing or returning home. There are many types of anti-drone systems. When choosing an anti-drone system, you must determine the type. When you choose a good type, you must test it to test whether the anti-UAS system is better for drones Interference or signal cut-off function.