XindVision Anti Drone Gun
Anti Drone Equipment

The No-fly zone device is mainly aimed at GPS/GLONASS/BD navigation systems, launching false satellite navigation signals to form a no-fly zone function, and drones cannot fly into the no-fly zone. The device has low radiation power, has no effect on the surrounding electromagnetic environment, a...

By jamming the communication channels, the drone is effectively disabled and forced back to its home base or grounded at its current location.

This product is highly integrated and uses electronic jamming technology to implement precise countermeasures against drones within 500 meters. Multi-band electromagnetic emission, ready to use, cuts off the remote control, image transmission, and navigation links of the drone at a long distance,...

The long-distance detection and defense integrated equipment ZD02 is a product developed for large areas. The detection distance is up to 10km. The equipment is modularized in management and easy to operate. It can be quickly assembled and deployed according to the actual situation. It can work a...

The system are using a combination of day light TV and thermal infrared image sensor, steady continuous monitoring and tracking targeted drones.

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What are the technical ways to counter drones?

    1. The interference blocking type counter drones system comes. More widely used is
    that the target UAV transmits directional high-power interference radio
    frequency, cutting off the communication between the UAV and the remote control,
    thereby forcing the UAV to land or return home by itself.

    2. Direct destruction type counter drones system. More typical are the anti-unmanned laser guns developed by Boeing Corporation of the United States and the Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics. 

    3. Counter drones system of monitoring and control type. Whether it is jamming or
    direct destruction, it is easy to cause the drone to crash and bring additional
    impact. In order to avoid this situation, people hope to intercept the
    transmission code used by the drone, and then control the drone, and even guide
    it back.